Location: Mozambique
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Vamizi Island Mozambique, sometimes referred to as the new Maldives, is a long strip of land only 12 kms long and 1km wide. Set within the Quirimbas Islands Archipelago off Northern Mozambique, Vamizi island is accessed by flying to Pemba from South Africa, Mozambique or Tanzania, followed by a 45 minute drive along the coast. The journey will take you the best part of a day, and by the time you arrive, you really will start to think you're on a Robinson Crusoe adventure.
Vamizi Island b

Vamizi Island

About Vamizi Island Mozambique

Vamizi Island is an utterly dreamy place to visit – pristine beaches, warm smiley people, foot long prawns, exotic marine life, monkeys, whale-sharks (harmless), turtles, 112 bird species, coconut crabs, fresh sashimi, barbequed kingfish, bucket loads of fine South African wine, personal chefs, housekeepers, masseuses, picnics, the list goes on! So, if you want to dive, swim, fish, or bob, or just escape, you’d better start thinking of visiting Vamizi Island Mozambique.

Accommodation at Vamizi Island Mozambique

The Kitala’s: Vamizi Island is very exclusive, being the only lodge on the island, and each beach front villa, or ‘Kitala’, has pride of place with its own prime view. The wonderful thing about each Kitala is its elegant simplicity – quite raw in a sense, with over 170 m2 of timber floors, and simple yet attractive furniture in woods and other earthy tones.

The Private Villa’s: Ideal for families or friends travelling together, sleeping up to 12, the villa’s have been designed by an award winning firm of South African architects renowned for creative design, with the use of eco-friendly materials and responsible tourism. Each villa consists of en-suite bedrooms, large lounges and dining areas, private pools, vast decks, and in-house butler to organise everything from drinks, meals and day trips.

Vamizi Island Pool b

Vamizi Island Pool

Vamizi Island 1 b

Vamizi Island

Vamizi Island Bath b

Vamizi Island Bath

Vamizi Island Mozambique Activities

Once you’ve accustomed yourself to the very slow pace of life here, along with your slow food, you might want to ask your butler a few questions as to the islands walks, tours, wildlife and scenery, in order to earn yourself an in-depth and finer view of this oasis. And if you’ve never fished in your life, now’s the time to give it a go with some on hand instruction – you’ll have things nibbling away in no time. On the eastern edge of the island there’s a 1km deep cavern with a reef on it that is one of the finest in the world – a few dives on that and you’ll be ready for a deliciously cooked fish dinner in the evening.

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Vamizi Island Chalets b

Vamizi Island Chalets

Vamizi Island Lounge b

Vamizi Island Lounge