doro nawas camp
Location: Namibia
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A truly unique experience, Doro Nawas Camp is a few hours drive outside of Swakopmund in the gorgeous Namibian desert. Here, muted hues like ocher, camel, bronze and earth yellow abound. This region is located nearby Twylfelfontein, a World Heritage Site, featuring ancient San rock art. Unwind and relax in this beautiful landscape, go on nature walks or enjoy star gazing directly from your verandah.

Doro Nawas CampDoro Nawas Camp

About Doro Nawas Camp

The most fascinating aspect of the Doro Nawas Camp are not the game drives (the landscape does not support huge herds) but what you can learn about desert life and its local people. Adaption to the desert environment is a miracle of survival, and Doro Nawas Camp works closely with the local Damara people. You will learn about the Damara/ Nama language and the community’s traditions and culture.

Doro Nawas Camp Doro Nawas Camp

Doro Nawas Camp Accommodation

Guests can choose from 15 thatched chalets and 1 family unit. The chalets are built with distance between them so that guests feel that there’s enough privacy. Made from a mix of canvas and stone, the chalets are constructed from wood with glass doors and have a thatched roof. Each unit has a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, outdoor shower and an outdoor veranda.

The chalet’s veranda is perfect for sleep-outs, star gazing or enjoying a glass of wine while watching the night sky. The lodge’s main area sits atop a rocky outcrop and offers an indoor-outdoor dining area, a pool, a bar and a little curio shop. There’s a staircase that leads onto a flat roof where it is possible to have a sundowner or do some star gazing as well as take in the epic views.

Doro Nawas Camp Doro Nawas Camp

Doro Nawas Camp Activities

  • Visit the ancient San rock art at Twylfelfontein, a World Heritage Site in Namibia, as well as the Petrified Forest, Burnt Mountain and Organ Pipes
  • Nature drives to learn about the desert-adapted animals and plants in the desert (The landscape does not support huge herds but wildlife such as springbok, gemsbok and even elephant do occur)
  • Back of house tours, and camp chats about the Doro !Nawas Conservancy, the Damara/Nama language and traditions all give insight into the community, while the Damara Living Museum shows off the traditional culture of the Damara people.
  • Guided nature walks in the wilderness
  • Land Rover drives end with a river lunch or a scenic walk to see “Little Table Mountain”

Doro Nawas Camp Doro Nawas Camp

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