Location: Arusha, Tanzania
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Located on the outskirts of Arusha of northern Tanzania, the lodge is a few minutes from the local airport. Surrounded by a working coffee estate, Arusha Coffee Lodge is a peaceful retreat that you can enjoy after a long international flight. Savour the deep scent and flavour of one of Tanzanian’s finest coffee. Rooms are extravagant and roomy, service is top-notch, the cuisine is excellent… a great place to start off your Tanzania safari!
Arusha Coffee Lodge

Stay on a working coffee farm, Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Magic is in the air at Arusha Coffee Lodge

About Arusha Coffee Lodge

Surrounded by a working coffee farm, Arusha Coffee Lodge is made up of 30 wooden chalets are surrounded by large trees, greenery and fields of coffee trees. The chalets are free-standing (12 suites, 18 rooms) and the interior design was heavily influenced by a “coffee theme”. Here, mocha, cappuccino and latte dominate the fabrics and soft furnishings (and even the soap). The split-level lounge has a wood-burning fireplace for cozy, cooler nights inside. Or you can enjoy a glass of wine on the large balcony outside on warmer nights. Every room has views of the lush coffee fields and Tanzania’s clear skies.

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Learn about Arusha Coffee Lodge’s coffee trees and production

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Gardens and outside dining area, Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Dining room, Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge Accommodation

Guests can choose from two room types at Arusha Coffee Lodge, namely the Plantation Rooms or the Plantation Suites. The 12 Plantation Suites are spacious and surrounded by coffee trees; the ensuite bathrooms have large rainfall showers and gorgeous bathtubs as well as a log fire, and an outside terrace. Each suite has a large satellite TV and a large lounge. The 18 Plantation Rooms, on the other hand, do not have a TV and a smaller lounge area. But the rooms also have a verandah facing the gardens, a log fire and ensuite bathroom.

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Bedroom, Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Romantic bathroom, Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Plantation Room, Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge Activities

  • Enjoy a relaxing breakfast in the privacy of your room, by the pool, or the lounge
  • Take the guided tour (“From Bean to Cup”) of the coffee farm that teaches the production process through growing, harvesting to drying.
  • Excursion to Arusha to shop for crafts like glassblowing or visit the shops, cafes and restaurant
  • Perfect stop-over to connect to Kilimanjaro or safaris
  • Visit the closest national park to Arusha town – Arusha National Park
  • Go on a day’s trip safari to the Ngorongoro Crater
  • Enjoy spa treatments at Peaberries Spa (located on site)
Arusha Coffee Lodge

Delicious cuisine, Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Bar and restaurant, Arusha Coffee Lodge

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