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 About Namibia

Namibia is the soul of Africa, characterized by vast open spaces, it is a sparsely populated country and offers explorers a magical getaway of spectacular locations and unforgettable sights. Previously known as South West Africa, Namibia lies along the South Atlantic coast, just above South Africa. Namibia features a desolate and barren coastline, proving rather inhospitable to explorers until the mid-19th century, when it was colonised by Germany. A stable, democratic government, Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa. Diverse in culture, the Namibian people speak nine different languages, with English the official language of the country. Namibia produces some of the world’s highest quality diamonds, and is well known for this prized natural resource. With fantastic infrastructure, it is an ideal destination for self-drive safari and family getaways. A mystical place, this vast arid and desert country of rolling landscapes is a unique, unforgettable, and enchanting destination.

Teaming with life despite the seemingly harsh landscapes, Namibia is a truly captivating place. With scenes of sparkling coastlines and rolling red dunes, Namibia also offers spectacular big five wildlife experiences, and is home to Africa’s largest game park, the Namib-Naukluft Park. The dramatic scenery boasts diverse animal and bird life, which has adapted to the harsh, dry terrain. The Namib Desert is an ancient landscape, stretching along the entire west coast of the country. The origin of the country’s name, the Namib Desert is considered to be the oldest desert in the world. Rich with history, ancient rock paintings date back over 25,000 years. With contrasting geography, the Namibian climate does differ from place to place. Dry for most of the year, Namibia is an all season location with mild winters and warm, dry summers. Located between the Namib and the Kalahari Deserts, Namibia is the country with the least rainfall in sub-Saharan Africa. A fantastic family holiday destination or romantic honeymoon retreat, let Greatest Africa guide you in planning the ideal exotic Namibian experience.

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Swakopmund Hotel

  • Luxurious Desert Retreat
  • Set on the Skeleton Coast
  • Hotel & Entertainment Centre
  • Elegant Historical Landmark
  • Exciting Nearby Attractions
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Ongava Lodge, Etosha

  • Set on the Boundry of Etosha Pan
  • Dynamic Terrain Rich with Life
  • Rustic Private Chalets
  • Overlooking a Busy Waterhole
  • Exciting Big 5 Game Encounters
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Onguma Tented Camp

  • Among the Finest Africa Safaris
  • Luxury 5 Star Tented Camp
  • Romantic and Private Safari Tents
  • Surrounding a Busy Waterhole
  • Alongside the Wildlife Rich Etosha
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Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

  • 5 Star Desert Retreat
  • Tranquil and Romantic Setting
  • Private Villa's with Panoramic Views
  • Surrounded by Ancient Red Dunes
  • Unforgettable Desert Excursions
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Little Ongava, Etosha

  • Exclusive 5 Star Safari Lodge
  • Private 30000ha Reserve
  • On the Edge of Etosha National Park
  • Overlooking a Busy Waterhole
  • Abundant Wildlife Encounters
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Little Kulala, Sossusvlei

  • 5 Star Desert Retreat
  • Private Wilderness Reserve
  • On the Edge of Namib-Naukluft
  • Wonderous Red Dunes at Sossusvlei
  • Exotic Desert Animal and Birdlife
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