Madikwe Game Reserve Girraffe

Madikwe Game Reserve Girraffe

About Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe game reserve is the fifth largest game reserve in South Africa, and is considered one of the best big 5 conservation area’s on the continent. Originally farming land, this hidden gem is a massive 750 square kilometers, and lies along the border of Botswana, just 20km outside Gabarone. Not only does Madikwe Game Reserve offer spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities, it is located in a sought after malaria-free safari area! Ideal for families and a hidden gem of Africa, Madikwe caters for every travellers need. Rustic lodges are available for visitors seeking an authentic bushveld experience, however most of Madikwe is equipped with luxurious safari facilities that spare no detail in comfort and service. Nestled between the regions known as the Lowveld bushveld and the Kalahari thornveld, Madikwe game reserve is a pristine panoramic of contrasting landscapes. Complimenting ecosystems are rich with exotic life, and Madikwe game reserve is a nature lover’s paradise. Wide open plains and riverine canyons offer the breath-taking scene of an unspoiled African wilderness.

Just 3.5 hours’ drive from the hub of Johannesburg, Madikwe is a fantastic family friendly or first time South Africa safari destination, in a malaria free area! Mainly equipped with 4 and 5 star luxury safari lodges, Madikwe game reserve offers an indulgent safari experience for the most discerning traveler. Rich with exotic African wildlife, visitors will enjoy awe inspiring game encounters. Home to more than 65 mammals, Madikwe also boasts an impressive avian population of over 300 different species, a haven for birding enthusiasts! Madikwe introduced six endangered wild dogs to the reserve in 1994, and the concession now sustains 3 hunting packs of the beautiful ‘painted’ dog. An unforgettable safari destination, Madikiwe offers a relaxing, unique, and malaria free safari experience. Southern Africa travel specialists, Greatest Africa are based just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. We are on the ground experts, and South Africa safari professionals. Knowledgeable and experienced, allow our friendly team to guide you in the perfect itinerary for a safari in Africa.

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Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge

  • Luxury 5 Star Safari Experience
  • Malaria Free Big 5 Safari
  • Romantic and Family Friendly Reserve
  • Exhilarating Wildlife Encounters
  • Great First time Safari Experience
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Madikwe Safari Lodge

  • Malaria-Free South Africa Safari
  • Set in a Pristine Private Reserve
  • 3 Exclusive and Intimate Safari Camps
  • Exhilarating Big 5 Safari Encounters
  • Magnificent Birding Opportunities
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Tuningi Safari Lodge, Madikwe

  • Luxurious 5 Star Malaria Free Safari
  • Family Friendly Luxury Safari Retreat
  • Situated on the Border of Botswana
  • Prolific Big 5 Wildlife Viewing
  • Conservation Focused Game Reserve
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Makanyane Safari Lodge, Madikwe

  • Malaria Free Luxury Safari
  • Endangered Wild Dog Encounters
  • Spectacular Veiws over the Marico River
  • Gourmet Cuisne & Fine Wines
  • Exclusive Taste of Rustic Africa
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Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge

  • 5 Star Royal Safari Lodge
  • Malaria Free South Africa Safari
  • Super Seven Wildlife Encounters
  • Luxury Private Villa's
  • 3.5 Hours from Johannesburg
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