Exploring South Africa: Types of Safari

When you think of Africa, you might picture rolling savannah and something a bit Lion King-esque with animals around a watering hole. It might surprise you to realise that safaris in Africa — but especially in South Africa — aren’t limited to rolling grasslands and herds of antelope. Far from it, in fact. South Africa is a country full of biodiversity, both in terms of animals and the plant kingdom. Here we look at a few types of safari you can experience in our widely varied landscapes.

Types of Safari in South Africa

Kruger National Park and Private Game Reserves

The Kruger is arguably South Africa’s most famous reserve. Dedicated in the 1800s, it has a wealth of biodiversity on all fronts. Kruger park itself is made up of five habitat zones. Each is distinctly different, ranging from the most arid region, zone 1, to the tropical, riverine forest in zone 5. Naturally, each habitat attracts different animals, so we recommend you aim to stay in the zone that the type of animal you’d like to see favours. There are also quite a few private game reserves along the edges of the unfenced borders of the Kruger Park, where you can experience the height of luxury and incredible safari experiences.

Types of Safari
Kapama Kaula Bush Walk

Garden Route and Surrounds

Types of Safari
Rhino at Gondwana, Garden Route

The Garden Route of South Africa lies between George and Port Elizabeth on the west coast. So called because of its immense natural beauty, but it’s not all about white sandy beaches and seafood (though those parts are also amazing). Travel a couple of hours inland to experience some incredible safaris.

Types of Safari
Sanbona Game Drive

The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve lies at the foot of the Warmwaterberg Mountains in the Klein Karoo. While technically not in the Garden Route, you can quite easily visit on your way there, as it lies roughly equidistant to both Cape Town and George. Sanbona is home to areas of the Fynbos Biome as well as a Succulent Karoo Biome. At 58 000 hectares, Sanbona is also home to both the famous Big Five, as well as a number of protected and endangered animal species.

Types of Safari
Elephants at Gorah

Gorah Elephant Camp is a private 5000 hectare concession in the middle of the Addo National Park. Home to the densest population of elephants on earth, game drives at Gorah allow visitors to experience the majesty of these animals from right up close. As well as elephants, visitors can also expect to see lions, rhino and an abundance of plains game while driving around the Park.

Of course, there are many different types of safari, animals and landscapes to experience in South Africa. Each camp and reserve offers a unique experience, allowing you to partake in the adventure of a lifetime. Guided walking and horse riding safaris are a great way to experience the natural world without the noise of a game viewing vehicle. Night safaris allow visitors to see nocturnal animals they would miss during the day. Each one is an incredible experience and worth every minute.

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