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Little Ongava Game Drive


Etosha National Park is a spellbinding place, meaning “place of dry water”,it is a magical and unforgettable African destination. One of the most well-loved and unique wildlife sanctuaries in all of Africa, Etosha’s signature characteristic is it’s immense salt pan, so impressive in size that it can be seen from space! Surrounded by semi-arid savannah grassland and thorny bushveld, the pan itself contains water for only a few days each year, stimulating the growth of a blue-green algae that lures thousands of striking pink flamingos to the area. A top wildlife safari retreat, Etosha is rich with game scattering the horizon, and frequenting the plentiful watering holes that dot the area. A malaria free safari area and set within one of the most stable countries in Africa, Etosha is an easy access and family friendly safari destination. A tourist Haven, this pristine area is equipped with a range of bushveld accommodation, taking in the spectacular scenes that the landscape has to offer.

is a diverse country, with an array of habitats and vegetation – rich populations of game are abundant, with some specially adapted to the extreme terrain. Etosha is a magnificent free roaming wildlife area, with contrasting landscapes of wide open savannah, dense shrub, and the barren pan itself. Stretching over a distance of 22 750km², Etosha is one of the most impressive and unique safari destinations in Africa. Game encounters are spectacular, with huge populations of wildlife flocking to the watering holes between June and November in particular. A stomping ground of the rare Black Rhino, you may be lucky enough to spot one! An easy access safari retreat, Etosha is also 2wd accessible! Greatest Africa are based in Cape Town, South Africa, and are on the ground Southern Africa travel specialists. Safari professionals with first hand knowledge and experience, let Greatest Africa provide the perfect itinerary for your unforgettable Etosha National Park experience, in wild Namibia!

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Ongava Lodge, Etosha

  • Set on the Boundry of Etosha Pan
  • Dynamic Terrain Rich with Life
  • Rustic Private Chalets
  • Overlooking a Busy Waterhole
  • Exciting Big 5 Game Encounters
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Onguma Tented Camp

  • Among the Finest Africa Safaris
  • Luxury 5 Star Tented Camp
  • Romantic and Private Safari Tents
  • Surrounding a Busy Waterhole
  • Alongside the Wildlife Rich Etosha
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Little Ongava, Etosha

  • Exclusive 5 Star Safari Lodge
  • Private 30000ha Reserve
  • On the Edge of Etosha National Park
  • Overlooking a Busy Waterhole
  • Abundant Wildlife Encounters
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